Leadership Coaching Works and I Have Proof

During my tenure as CEO/President of the largest third-party automotive compulsory insurance company in Puerto Rico, I enrolled in an executive coaching certification program which brought a new perspective on how to increase the leadership potential of the influencers and those in authority of an organization.

It was very different from the traditional common sense leadership techniques. The traditional processes had a plateauing limit, which inhibited a continuous drive towards a higher level of expectations. The new perspective captivated me and I elected to implement leadership coaching at all levels of the organization

After a three-year implementation program at an investment level over $300 K, the results were outstanding with no apparent plateauing limit. Over a seven-year period the measurement of the ROI (Return on Investment) were made at various levels of criteria:

In all soft markers measured:

  • Absenteeism
  • Engagement
  • Merit Performance
  • Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction

And all economic markers measured:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • P/L performance
  • Stakeholder value

There was a significant level of upwards improvement in markers in all cases.

A comparative analysis of two nearly equal seven years’ time lines (2002-2008 vs. 2009-2016) demonstrated that the organizational culture developed under coaching implementation outperformed the traditional leadership management styles common in most of today’s corporations.

Leadership Coaching made a huge and significant impact!

Coaching generates an increased level of consciousness of the employee which in turn supports the level of emotional intelligence, enhances communications (listening and direct communications), helps build better teams, elevates employee engagement, productivity, compliance and customer orientation and satisfaction.

Coaching breaks down the silo mentality and helps management to focus on other important matters that supports enterprise long-term sustainability and not just the corporation’s P/L performance.  

Astonishing results. 

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