Do you ever wish you had a strategic partner in the form of a consultant or coach?

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Someone to discuss your creative ideas and plans with, knowing I will support you, balance you out and become a sounding board so those ideas turn into realities?

I leverage my 30 years of experience as a CEO and manager to transform you personally and professionally to take your business where you want it to go.

There is great power in transformational coaching and my company focuses on measurable results and superior follow-through. As a former aerospace engineer and student of neuro-science, my methods are different, scientific, thought provoking and exciting. An engineer does not work without measuring and I promise the same focus as your consultant.

Traditional/transactional coaching works but transformational coaching changes lives.

If you’re ready for the next level, let's talk and discuss your future.


Brief synopsis of executive consulting, coaching benefits in corporate organizations. Reel presents Joe Blanco, (COMPASS, LLC PRESIDENT) attributes as corporate leader, consultant and executive coach.


Meet Joe Blanco

I loved space as a child and constantly spent time looking up at the stars, wondering about the universe all around me.

It made perfect sense to study this fascinating world.  To support that objective, I graduated with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering to begin my professional career.I had the opportunity to work on some of the biggest projects in history like Apollo and Skylab, the first U.S. Space Station.

My time as an engineer trained my brain to think in a certain way, a way I now employ in my consulting and coaching business. I turn logic into problem solving. Just as I worked with astronauts on spacecraft procedures, I work with CEOs on business plans. There is a personal energy that derives from working with a coach and I hope to be that energy source for you.

I transitioned into the corporate world and spent decades gathering skills in strategic market analysis, organizational leadership, operational efficiency and sales growth development. Spending over 30 years in CEO and Management roles, the time has arrived in my life cycle to contribute with everything I have learned in the corporate environment and in Executive/ Corporate Coaching studies. The objective is to uniquely contribute to the improvement of employee productivity across multiple industries and to maximize their operational results.

I have been married for 43 years and have two adult children. I enjoy reading, jogging, college football and I’m practicing my golf swing.

I love visiting the beach or the mountains and simply appreciating nature’s vibrant beauty.

I participated as a member of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, The Salvation Army, and The Boy Scouts of America. 


"I cannot emphasize enough how important and what a life changing experience, it has been for me to work with Mr. Blanco. 

As with every important process in life, of course, this is not a change that happens overnight, but one day, you realize you just acted in a very positive way, you could not have done before.

No matter how successful you are, or how confident and knowledgeable you are about your work, there are always issues within your deepest self, fears and insecurities, that keep you doing from even better, not only at work, but in your personal life. Issues, you do not even accept to yourself, sometimes.

One of the biggest achievements during these 3 years of working together, has been being able to learn how to move on in life. How to move on over a difficulty, without dwelling on it for ever. Dwelling on it, just hurts or upsets you even more, and paralyzes you, from doing anything to be happy and productive again. I have been able to get up and move after negative events in life and start walking again with a smile and a feeling of self-confidence in what I can do and achieve, sooner that I could ever do. That self confidence irradiates and builds respect from others.

Mr. Blanco has a way, of leading you deep into your being, to find your own way of healing and growing, in the most respectful and perfect distance way, without ever, giving you the answer. You find it yourself.

As cliché, as it may sound, I wish I could have learned this before."

~ Angela Recio, Anesthesiologist, Clinical Manager of Anesthesia Products, Canada


"With respect to my experience as a coaching client with Joe Blanco, I want to take this opportunity to say that the coaching was life changing, Joe helped me make sense of everything I was feeling. He supported the process for me to realize some fears and limitations I was putting on myself without my realizing it. He helped me to move forward and make a huge life decision that I was feeling literally paralyzed about.

I have had many counselors in my life and I should say Joe helped me more than most of them.

I don't think I ever told him just how much he helped me, but honestly, without his help; it’s possible I never would have had the courage to make the decision I made.  I am very grateful to him still for his coaching process."

~ Erica Morgan-Serrano, Business Founder and Owner

"During my tenure in the Environmental Protection Agency, I contracted Mr. Blanco for his executive coaching services with emphasis in developing various personal / professional skills. I can only say good things about Mr. Blanco. He provided a service in full confidentiality, comfort, support, loyalty, and trust. He supported personal growth while providing a safety zone to evaluate my mistakes as stepping stones experiences instead of failures. He was an exceptional support system. 

He motivated me to challenge myself to face reality in the decision process, while managing insecurity and denial.

It was a true fulfilling and wonderful experience. I have been able to learn deeply about myself. I highly recommend him always and will be seeking his services in the future."

~ Ms. Monica Bausan
Former EPA Senior Engineer

Working with Jose is a privilege and an inspirational journey. His complete presence in the most caring and encouraging way is a true gift. Providing full support; Jose pushes limits, challenges comfort zones and helps his clients strive for personal growth. Jose is genuine, generous and insightful. He is also an elegant master of balancing intellect & emotions. It was my pleasure to experience Jose’s powerful coaching and do some transformational work.  

~ Asli Aker
Coach & Consultant
Seattle , Washington

Reference Letter by MR. ANTONIO (TONY) CASELLAS

I have been working with Mr. Blanco on a one-to-one basis over an eight months period.  My experience has been marvelous and enriching.  His “coaching” has provided developmental support on a professional aspect, but most importantly, on a personal dimension as well. 

During the coaching / mentoring sessions with Mr. Blanco, I have deepened my understanding of my self as well as my personal skills, and strengths. I have also obtained awareness as to my opportunities for growth / development.

Mr. Blanco is a person with whom profound dialogue may be held relative to specific situations within an environment where ideas are presented without judgement. He has been a valuable support in the restructuring of my thought process and in the genera3on of strategic plans.

In the coaching sessions, I have been able to develop my leadership skills utilizing simple but powerful techniques to elevate the level of consciousness in the making of powerful and successful decisions in the management of the organization I preside.

It is without any reserve that I strongly recommend Mr. Blanco in his role as Coach / mentor.

Antonio (Tony) E. Casellas
Presidente y CEO
Carrión, La:;e y Casellas (HUB Internacional CLC)


Pointing at Your Success


Offering professional assessment.

  • Act as a contracted executive to lead projects or as a consultant to facilitate team high performance processes

  • Short- term or long-term projects accepted

  • Available for on -site work in PR and EEUU and virtually in the Caribbean and Central America regions

  • Act as a strategic partner in a sounding board or reflecting mirror roles


  • Personality (HOGAN) 

  • Leadership (iPEC’s Energy Development System) 

  • Emotional Intelligence (GENOS) 


Act as a Transformational coach and/or mentor to enable real changes for:

  • High Level C -Suite

  • Entrepreneurs

  • High Potential Executives

Objective: Achieve Success in:

  • Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Teamwork

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Effective Communication

  • Work / Live Balance

and increase: 

  • Productivity

  • Efficiency

  • Motivation

  • Engagement

All services are designed specifically for the support needed, with a minimum six-month commitment.
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